Friday, 4 March 2016

The Knight of Pre-future

by William Scott

Though love's rage has placed itself deep

In my bones I still wonder how
Much longer should I hope to keep
Faith sweet beneath the dogged flow
Of this vile sour-watered creek.

I am, just a man, attempting

The work of a god as there were
None who could by blood or by ink
Scribe the will of melody fair
Upon remnant hearts a'waiting.

For sin is burning acrid in

These throats of ours that used to sing
The songs of that now forgotten
Verve standing hopeful upon brink
Before the battle hot began.

(Memory of her gracious smile

Is held in-caged within my heart
Protected and protecting while
Froward flows against me so hard
This current will of mankind vile.)

But stand I will though die will I

Held fast by Christ's own stubbornness
Against both sloth and tyranny
No longer hoping to posses
But safeguarding hope contrary. 

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